Everyone deserves to realise their true financial potential. There’s no time like the present to start making your hard-earned money work smarter and harder for you. It’s this belief that has driven us since we started operating in 2010.

In today’s busy world, financial freedom can seem a lifetime away. Yet by simply making a plan and taking a holistic approach to your finances, you’ll be amazed by the difference it can make.

With clarity comes a sense of purpose, helping you prioritise what’s most important for your future. Now you can see where you are headed. Decide what prosperity should look like to you and make small changes now that will have a big impact later.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago!

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, CXC Financial Partners will help you define your goals, evaluate different pathways and execute a holistic plan to supercharge your financial well-being and realise your true financial potential. 
Let’s go!


By entrusting us with knowledge across your financial spectrum, our plan is more informed, tailored and empowered to reach your unique goals and support your financial wellbeing.


By keeping on top of changing legislation and market conditions, we ensure your financial plan is constantly being optimised, so you can make the most 
of every opportunity.


We guarantee to put your interests first. Our advice is accountable year-in, year-out to meeting your unique financial goals, which remain at the core of everything 
we do.


We’re not owned by the banks, like many of our competitors. That means we have complete freedom in finding the right solutions for you, from anywhere 
in the market.