Working With You


Because we wouldn’t have a business model if we didn’t. How we work and all the advice we give is based on getting to know you and being accountable to achieving your unique financial goals.

Your attitude to money is unique. Everybody’s path to prosperity is different.

So there’s no cookie-cutter approach. In fact, on our first meeting, many of our clients are unsure of exactly what they want from their own financial journey. And that’s okay – we’re here to help, not judge.

Together we will evaluate different scenarios so you can visualise what your version of financial freedom looks like, when you want it and what we need to achieve together to get there.

We have 5 steps ANNUALLY to OPTIMISE your financial plan

STEP 1 – Discovery

After completing our ‘Getting To Know You’ form we catch up to discuss your attitudes, goals, dreams and any concerns you may have. Some clients say they feel a little naked discussing their personal finances. Just remember we’re here to help, not judge. There’s no cost for this initial meeting.

Duration: 1hr chat

Outcome: We get to know you and you get to know us. It’s all about feeling comfortable to move forward and start activating your prosperity.

STEP 2 – Engagement

We issue a terms of engagement letter which outlines our understanding of your unique financial goals and what services or likely strategies we would undertake to help you reach them. At this stage we also outline our fees, so you know upfront exactly the quality of service and attention your goals will receive year-in, year out.

Duration: 1hr

Outcome: Your approval for us to start formulating your financial strategy.

STEP 3 – Advice

We take you through our Statement of Advice. A document centered around you, your goals and our plan to get you there. We also model different financial scenarios to show you possible pathways to reach your goals sooner, or later. It’s all about getting the balance right. It also details all our recommendations on how we will activate your prosperity.

Duration: 1hr meeting

Outcome: You will receive a Statement of Advice to sign-off, which will initiate your financial plan into action.

STEP 4 – Progress

We catch up twice a year to ensure we are always in sync with any major changes to your circumstances or can harness opportunities when they arise. Half-yearly we take you through the performance of your investments. While annually, we look at both performance and overall strategy for the year ahead. However if there is a sudden and major change to your financial position, we’re always available on the phone to discuss your circumstances and help advise you on the most appropriate course of action.

Duration: 1hr meeting or discussion over phone.

Outcome: Adjustments to your financial plan (if required).

STEP 5 – Tax Return

Paying the right amount of tax and not a cent more means more disposable income in your pocket. Our taxation experts will ensure you’re doing just that and help structure your accounts or business to maximise your income, while minimising your taxes. Additionally, our systemised approach ensures your time in managing your tax records is minimised, freeing you up to focus on what’s really important to you.

Outcome: Tax Return completed