Are you letting fear hold you back?

By January 26, 2016 No Comments

Procrastination Definition

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.” 

I meet hundreds of people annually who have questions about the property market. When should I buy, How much should I pay and where’s the market going? One thing they all have in common is that they want to invest in the property market, but are fearful that a bad decision will cause them to lose money.

Whilst they are busy tossing around the questions above, talking to friends over dinner tables and watching the property articles mound up in their home office, or in their inbox, the market continues to tick along and all of a sudden they have seen another year go by without having moved forward. These people are ‘Procrastinators. This behaviour results in them finding reasons to not invest, and additionally they will happily tell you why you shouldn’t either. They are trying to ‘time the market’. They have excuses for every part of the property cycle. In a rising market, their excuses include, the market is too hot or I’ve missed the big gains or everything is overpriced. In a falling market, they’ll say, ‘I’m going to wait until things cool-off and then buy in’ or ‘now is not the time, the bubble is going to burst’ or ‘I’m waiting for the bottom of the cycle, then I’ll buy’.

Now, we have all experienced it, that moment when indecision puts the brakes on, however if you see the procrastinator in yourself, the cure is quite simple…ACTION.

At Launch Properties we understand that the market is a dynamic beast, ever changing and never the same, we understand that building long term wealth through property is not about ‘timing the market’, but more about ‘time in the market’.  Our investors understand that it’s the mindset of the investor that has to be changing, adjusting and countering the market movements, maximising the results from the opportunities that are present at any given point in the property cycle. There is an investment market out there for every type of investor, so match a marketplace to your risk appetite and take action.

Successful property investors implement simple strategies that result in their tenants and the ATO paying the majority of the mortgage.   The successful property investor utilises financial tools and surrounds themselves with knowledge.

The difference between the person who has accrued wealth and/or equity in the past ten years and the person who hasn’t is simply ACTION.  They make decisions, they make the necessary adjustments to their lifestyle and they act with confidence.

So, get educated, make decisions and stop letting a fear of the unknown hold you back.

Steven is the General Manager of our property division, Launch Properties Pty Ltd. He holds a PSBA License, is a licensed Auctioneer and holds a Masters Degree in Business.  Steve brings an extraordinary depth of hands on experience to the role including twenty years in commercial and residential construction, followed by ten years in residential Real Estate sales and property development. This unique blend enables Steve to advise on selected developers, to ensure they are providing functional, quality assets with high quality finishes to mitigate potential sector risks to our clients.