Everyone’s got an opinion on property – it’s an Australian past-time. But when it comes time to kick-start or expand your property empire are you confident on where to begin?

Our in-house property experts from Launch Properties (a company within the CXC Financial Partners group), have an impressive track record of sourcing high performing developments, and can save you time and stress sourcing your ideal property investment.

We’re dedicated to providing you with indispensable property advice grounded in years of real estate and construction experience – all delivered within an ethical framework.

Setting us apart, the team at Launch Properties works directly with our tax and financial planning experts to ensure the tax and cash flow impact of every purchase is made clear and compliments your wider financial needs and goals.

Property Investment Services:

  • Providing access to quality-built property nationally for both the investor and owner/occupier
  • Accessing investment property with great potential for both income and capital growth
  • Advice on property transactions, purchasing options and negotiation strategies
  • Purchasing an investment property via a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)
  • National data on suburb statistics and individual property history


Our approach to property selection starts with you. By first understanding your financial position, appetite for risk, preferred investment location and property type, we can then tailor a solution to meet your overall financial goals.

We will guide you along the way, showing you possible properties that fit your desired profile. If there’s no comfortable match, we prefer to wait for the right property rather than rush you into the market.


At Launch Properties, we place the utmost importance in selecting developers and builders who put product quality before price. We physically inspect previous developments assessing them on a wear-and-tear and repair basis, to remove the risk of poor quality construction from your property portfolio. A shiny, new apartment will fall backwards in the market very quickly if it fades, cracks or fails to meet expectations for your tenant.


When looking at the property investment market we take a considered approach at both a macro and micro view, helping remove many of the risks and pitfalls an investor can fall into.

At a macro level, we find, analyse and approve a selection of developers in each state of Australia based on their track record and then combine this with market knowledge on a state-by-state basis, using national data tools like RpData and APM.

We then review any upcoming opportunities from our pre-selected developers through a suburb analysis
and look at various economic, environmental and social factors such as:

  • Long term numbers on capital growth and rental yield
  • New and existing infrastructure
  • Employment sectors
  • Population growth
  • Social and lifestyle attributes

Taking a more micro view, we then look at the street location of the development:

  • What is its point of difference? Views, water, parks, employment access, public transport?
  • Quite regularly we may recommend one street over another within a suburb by the same approved developer

In taking a long-term view of the property market, we also have a comprehensive three-step analysis to help our team of highly qualified individuals to source and match the right property for your broader financial goals:

Entry Point

  • Price per m/2
  • How does it stack up to the competition
  • Quality of construction
  • Quality of fixtures and finishes
  • Owner occupier quality only

Holding Costs

  • Rental Yield
  • Vacancy rates – supply and demand
  • Depreciation
  • Body corp and council fees
  • Modelled out in spreadsheet form

Exit Strategy

  • Who will buy the apartment when we want to or need to divest?
  • How will it compare against the competition?
  • Design and functionality

Finally, we then select within a development, those apartments we believe will provide our clients with the ideal tenant; high income earners with a desire to live within our development over another of lesser quality, thus avoiding high turnover and discounting.

Steve Purcell General Manager - Property & Finance MBA, LREA LIC REAL ESTATE AGENT (NSW) NO. 1425572